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Concepts and Ideas

What is a concept?

Something created in the mind, an idea, a notion.

Next, let’s relate it to marketing and advertising.

Creating a clear idea, strategy or proposal for advertising or marketing.

We collaborate with many very talented creatives that can help you create a successful campaign from scratch or fine tune your existing strategy.

Voice Overs

Your product is awe-inspiring, your script is word perfect and you know Video Scribing will create a work of art.

What’s missing? A wonderful voice that will inspire, teach, sell.

Critical to any explainer video is a voice that doesn’t overwhelm the visual but compliment the product in style and tone. It needs to work hand in hand in perfect harmony.

We can organise a voiceover for you with our list of talented Voiceover agencies. Contact us for more details.


One of the most powerful communication tools for marketing is Illustration.
Icon Graphics can explain complex ideas and cut through dry, technical details to go to the heart of the idea.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words and it’s no different for your projects. It creates a mood, tells a story and explains an idea.

Images can range from a simple & cartoon to a full colour, high detailed illustration explaining a company’s 20-year strategy. Use cartoons and humour to emphasize key points for that important presentation.

We can develop Digital or vector Illustrations to support your marketing campaign, new product or service launch. Illustrations can come from your video or designed specifically as part of your campaigns.

If you’re not sure on how to apply an illustration to your project just call us to discuss the many possibilities.

Video Caricatures

We have a few ideas when it comes to cartoon portraits.

It’s not just about creating a funny looking portrait on paper, you can see the process from start to finish.

If you want something different this is fantastic as corporate gifts or as marketing tools for conference and tradeshow events.

Individual Caricatures are filmed live in our studio prior to your event. The video is sent to you vie Vimeo or Dropbox. If you prefer, the originals can be posted or couriered. We need good quality photos of each person and a theme sent to us.

At your conference or event we photograph your guests or team. These are then drawn by hand or digitally and recorded as a time lapse during the event, to create an exciting video of everyone being drawn on the night. Digital versions created on tablets are emailed to you.

Character Development

Sometimes you just need a special character created to draw attention. Video scribing can help you develop characters or personas that suit your company branding and customers.

Maybe you already have a company mascot to include into your video.We can adapt the image to fit the video style.

We send a short questionnaire to help us understand what you need. E.g. Male or female? Age group? Ethnicity? Preferred hair and eye colour? Trade or profession? Any special uniforms? Etc…

It can even be a manila folder or animal with plenty of personality….including anger!

Light Painting

Light and Fire Painting Photography is the Art of creating surrealistic Dreamscapes with the use of various open light sources, including Fire, Torches and LED’s.

Through Long Exposure Photography we can create Light Filled Landscapes, Light Graffiti, Orbs, Spheres, Spirals & breathtaking Steel-Wool Spins, even Light Painting Animations, Videos & Live Events.

These Techniques make for some truly spectacular & unique images. For more information and ideas on how to use Light-Painting for your next project.

Special FX

Our technical team have a number of magic tricks up their sleeve! We can use all types of different media for our drawings. Including:

  • Glass
  • Whiteboards,
  • Cutouts
  • Chalkboards
  • Special Sound FX
  • Tinsel
  • Different types of Screens ( Smart Phones & Tablets)


The script has been approved and the Voiceover is being created. Before going to film,
a storyboard is created for you based on final script. Each scene is set out separately and includes the storyboard, direction notes and script. This gives you a very good idea of how each scene will look matched to the script.

Your input steers our ship – under your direction we’ll finesse the storyboard until we’re all clear on what we are about to create. We allow three revisions in the quote.

It is essential that all details are worked out at storyboard stage. From here it goes to film
and changes made after this will result in additional costs. This is because changed or new scenes need to have concepts redone, re-drawn, possible new VO to match storyboard changes, approvals and re-filmed to match existing content.

Once the final version of storyboard is signed off we use the final voiceover (VO) to begin
the filming process.

Video Scribing

A cartoon style video to help promote your brand. Our unique style uses humour (we all need this) and mostly hand drawn cartoons. This framework forms the basis of your video making
it ready for special FX, light painting, drone video and character development.

Use it to promote your latest product launch or your newest professional service. Your branding, company logo and colours can be incorporated into scenes and graphics.

We learn your story and what you want to achieve through a targeted questionnaire.
Let’s work out the basics in a face-to-face meeting, over Skype, the phone or we’ll leave it with you to send back to us – whatever’s easiest for you.

A detailed proposal is prepared including timeframes, project outline and estimated costs from the information you provide.

A storyboard is created from the script. Each scene has a visual and notes so it’s clear from the beginning.

We then film the live drawing on paper, upload to create a rough cut for feedback and approval. Our equipment includes DSLR Cameras (1080p & 4k available) and Drone cameras. We have a very lean and efficient team to take care of this, usually consisting
of Film Artist Alexander Kesselaar and Illustrator Dani Vittz. This allows quick turnaround with a personal touch.

Music, sound and visual are expertly combined to create your final video. Depending on your requirements, your final video will be delivered in whatever format suits your purpose via Vimeo and/or Dropbox.

Depending on feedback turnaround, overall a project can take 2 – 4 weeks from end to end. However, if you need your video in a hurry, we do offer a priority service at an additional fee.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss the option of stop-motion Light Painting or Drone video, as this is a little bit more involved and time intensive during the production and post production stages.

Not sure where to start? We can even develop the entire concept and script for you.