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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to write my own script?
A: No you don’t. We work with you to create a rough outline that we use as a base to develop the full script. Video Scribing chooses from a variety of script writers that best suit your project.

Q: I only have a rough script, is that ok?
A: That’s ok. We can develop a full script from a skeleton idea.

Q: How do I know what it will look like before filming?
A: We can walk you through the first draft of the storyboard scene by scene. This helps you to you understand the combination of visual sequence to the script, music and sound FX. Some of our previous projects can also help to visualise your final video.

Q: What is the process?

  • We begin with an initial questionnaire and discussions via email/ phone/ skype/ face to face.
  • We’ll prepare a detailed proposal and quote including timeframes, project outline and estimated costs from the information you provide.
  • From further questions and discussions we supply an amended proposal.
  • Once the proposal is approved and you’ve paid your deposit, stand back because we’re launching into action!
  • We’ll develop/ tweak & finalise your script.
  • On approval of our final script draft, we’ll create a storyboard for each scene. At Draft 1 stage we can walk you through the entire storyboard to make sure you get the full picture. This can be via phone/ skype/ face to face.
    Your input steers our ship – under your direction we’ll finesse the storyboard until we’re all clear on what we are about to create.
    We include 3 – 4 revisions for the storyboards.
  • Once finalised we’ll record your Voiceover.
  • We’ll film the storyboard and create a rough cut for feedback and approval. We allow 2 minor drafts.
  • Music, sound and visual are expertly combined to create your final video.
  • Depending on your requirements, your final video will be delivered in whatever format suits your purpose via Vimeo and/or Dropbox.
  • Overall a project can take 2 – 4 weeks from end to end depending on how quickly a client gives feedback. However, if you need your video in a hurry, we do offer a priority service at an additional fee.

Q: What is a storyboard?
A: It’s a visual representation of the script with direction notes on how it will appear.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: We have no set fees as every video is different and we customise it to your needs. Please email us for a rough idea.

Q: What happens after the 24 month licencing finishes?
A: You can renew the licence if you want to continue using the video in it’s current form. Our usual licence fees are 25% of the original cost for the next 24 months. Or you can buy the copyright outright.

Q: Will a second video cost the same as the first one?
A: This depends on a few factors. Are we using a lot of the previous video and just updating or creating a completely new video? We can supply you with a new proposal based on any new briefs.