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Our Process


Initial Consultation & Questionnaire


We learn your story and what you want to achieve through a targeted questionnaire and discussions.

Let’s work out the basics in a face-to-face meeting, over Skype, by phone or just send the completed form back to us – whatever is easiest for you.

We hand craft and customise every video to suit each Client so the more information you supply to us from the start the better we can understand your vision.




We’ll prepare a detailed proposal and quote including timeframes, project outline and estimated costs from the information you provide.

Not sure where to start?

We can even develop the entire concept and script for you.




You’ve told us you’re happy,
you’ve paid your deposit,
you’ve sent us the final script,
stand back because we’re launching into action!

Immediately following your approval of our final draft, we’ll create a storyboard for each scene. Your input steers our ship – under your direction we’ll finesse the storyboard until we’re all clear on what we are about to create. We include 3- 4 revisions for the storyboards.

Once finalised we’ll record your Voiceover.


Video Shoot


Lights, camera, cameraman, artist, action!

We’ll film the storyboard and create a rough cut for feedback and approval. Animated sketches are also created if included in the mix of styles.

We allow 2 drafts.

VideoScribing can do all post production in house, which is particularly important to maintain control of the project.


Post Production & Delivery


Music, sound and visual are expertly combined to create your final video.

Depending on your requirements, your final video will be delivered in whatever format suits your purpose via Vimeo and/or Dropbox.

Overall a project can take 2 – 4 weeks from end to end depending on how quickly a client gives feedback. If you need your video in a hurry, we offer a priority service at an additional fee.


Happy Client


Which brings us to the last step.

You’ve just graduated to happy client status; so get out there and promote your product and service to the world!

Post it to your website and social media as a start.

And now it’s time for Alex and Dani to get some well-deserved sleep.