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The script has been approved and the Voiceover is being created. Before going to film,
a storyboard is created for you based on final script. Each scene is set out separately and includes the storyboard, direction notes and script. This gives you a very good idea of how each scene will look matched to the script.

Your input steers our ship – under your direction we’ll finesse the storyboard until we’re all clear on what we are about to create. We allow three revisions in the quote.

It is essential that all details are worked out at storyboard stage. From here it goes to film
and changes made after this will result in additional costs. This is because changed or new scenes need to have concepts redone, re-drawn, possible new VO to match storyboard changes, approvals and re-filmed to match existing content.

Once the final version of storyboard is signed off we use the final voiceover (VO) to begin
the filming process.

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